All You Need To Know About Sapphire Engagement Ring | 2021

All You Need To Know About Sapphire Engagement Ring | 2021

Sapphire, the bluest of all the blue gemstones is definitely fit for royalty! Alongside Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire is the birthstone for September. The association of Sapphire with royalty has been recognized for centuries and this is for two reasons. The first being the use of Sapphire by royalties and as a show of priestly order since historic times. The second isn't so far fetched. Isn't the most popular color of Sapphire royal blue?

History of the Royal Stone

The history of Sapphire dates back to the Mosaic times when Jewish priests made it part of the gemstones that were found in their priestly garments. It was also recorded to be part of the gemstones that are used to adorn the post-death heavenly home of Christians.

With the gemstone having a lot to do in the Jewish culture and history, the name is thought to have been derived from the Hebrew word Sappir which itself has roots in the Sanskrit word Sanipriya literally translated as 'sacred to Saturn'.  Hence, Sapphire has been thought to be the birthstone for Saturn. The Greek language, however also has a word sappheiros which might have the root word for Sapphire. It means 'blue' or 'blue stone'.

Sapphire was extensively mined in the Himalayas until all of the gemstone was exhausted. Today, Sapphire is mined in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Australia and Montana, USA.

How Sapphire speaks Royalty, Meaning of the Birthstone

Sapphire has been traditionally known to be the birthstone for wisdom, prophecy and royalty. Since time immemorial, the birthstone has been the signature gemstone of priests and kings. Hence, the association of Sapphire with royalty and nobility will hold true for ages to come.

The rich blue color of the gemstone is also said to bring serenity and the birthstone brings protection, mental clarity and good fortune to September born people or those who wear the gem.

How to Wear the Sapphire Birthstone

Treat yourself to a royal dress sense when you complete your dressing with a Sapphire engagement rings. Sapphires are best appreciated when worn to highly formal and classy gatherings like dinners although there are no fixed rules. Therefore, you can decide to make yourself the centre of attraction while at a picnic on a sunny day by appearing in a Sapphire pendant or bracelet. As a tip, blue sapphire jewelries stand out so well on black outfits.

The rich deep blue of Sapphire will make even the tiniest of the gem captivating above every other detail of your dressing. However, do not be scared to make a bold statement jewelry out of sapphire.

The Sapphire birthstone is really a delight as it is well suitable for engagement rings and daily wear. It is next to diamond in durability and next to none in its nobility inducing effect. Isn't that amazing?

Sapphire Facts for Your Pleasure

Sapphire and Ruby are closely related. They are both made from the mineral corundum and have the same structure. Corundum is naturally colorless. The presence of chromium gives Ruby the red coloration while the presence of titanium and iron gives sapphire its characteristic blue color.

Although both contain impurities, Sapphires are generally clearer than rubies and are also more readily available than the said counterpart.

Besides the classic deep blue Sapphire, there exist other colors of Sapphires which are referred to as Fancy Sapphires. Fancy Sapphires include purple, pink, green, orange and yellow Sapphires.

Unless a color is added before the word,'Sapphire' is generally used to refer the blue version of the gemstone.

Some Sapphires are referred to as Star Sapphires. These Sapphires exhibit a star pattern on their surface in a phenomenon known as asterism. This attribute makes the sapphires highly demanded.

The shade of blue of a sapphire determines how it is named. From cyan to almost navy blue, Blue Sapphires can be called pastel, cornflower, peacock, velvet, royal, indigo and twilight along the color gradient.


Sapphire's deep blue is deeply captivating and truly portrays royalty. The gemstone has an history of being associated with noble and priestly activities. Warm up to to the soothing details of this gemstone by getting to know about its amazing facts. Adorn your hands, neck or fingers with any Sapphire jewelry and watch royalty come alive in you!


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