Anniversary Milestones and How to Gift The Right Ring

Anniversary Milestones and How to Gift The Right Ring

Many couples mark their anniversaries, whether it be their first or a decade together, with meaningful gifts. A popular choice is an anniversary ring, which serves as a symbol of the love and dedication between partners. These rings, often featuring diamonds or gemstones on a band, are tailored to commemorate each significant milestone. While tradition offers no strict guidelines, it's important to select a design that reflects your partner's style and the unique nature of your union.

Why Anniversary Rings

An anniversary ring is a reminder of a couple's journey, often presented on a wedding anniversary. These rings are designed to be worn alongside the wedding and engagement rings, adding to the existing testament of love. Such bands provide a beautiful way to honor the shared commitment and look forward to the future chapters of your life together. 

What Type of Ring Should One Choose for an Anniversary? 

Anniversary rings, often bands or eternity rings, differ from engagement rings by not centering around a single gemstone. Various styles correspond to different anniversary milestones, yet there are no strict guidelines for choosing a ring. These bands are a tribute to your distinctive partnership and should echo your personal tastes, incorporating elements such as diamonds, vibrant gemstones, or simple metal designs.  

In Which Year of Marriage is it Customary to Give Anniversary Bands?  

Fine jewelry is traditionally bestowed on the first, fifth, tenth, and twentieth anniversaries. However, the perfect time to gift an anniversary band is when it resonates with your unique relationship. Every couple reaches milestones at their own pace. While it's helpful to have suggestions, the most important thing is to choose a moment that feels significant to both of you. Here are some recommendations to consider: 

Anniversary Gifting Years: Milestones, Traditional Metals, And Gemstones 

Year 1: Gold  

For the first anniversary, gold remains the quintessential choice. Whether it's a white, yellow, or rose gold anniversary band that captures the eye, or perhaps another piece of gold jewelry, such as a bespoke engravable pendant, the tradition of gold celebrates the initial year of unity with timeless elegance.

Year 25: Silver Jubilee  

Celebrating a quarter-century of marriage is a significant milestone traditionally marked by the gifting of silver jewelry. This jewelry may be adorned with diamonds or an array of vibrant gemstones. Historically, jubilees have been grand celebrations, often associated with royalty, to commemorate important anniversaries in a marriage or the tenure of a monarch.

Year 30: Pearl Jubilee 

Pearl, the traditional third-year anniversary gemstone, is an exquisite choice for a thirtieth anniversary present.

Year 35: Emerald  

Just as they are great for year 20, emeralds are an exquisite gemstone gift for the 35th year anniversary. They have been cherished over time for their lush hue, making jewelry crafted from this gem a classic and enduring choice.

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Year 40: Ruby 

Renowned as a treasured gem through the ages, rubies offer gifts of everlasting charm. For a fortieth anniversary, choosing a magnificent vintage ruby ring could be the perfect homage to a love that has stood the test of time, symbolizing both the past's richness and the future's promise.

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Year 45: Sapphire 

Sapphires, known for their striking luster and rich blue tones, make for an elegant gift. Consider a classic sapphire pendant or an eternity ring as a cherished offering.  

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Year 50: Golden Jubilee  

Returning to the origins of marital celebration, gold remains the quintessential first-anniversary gift. You can find a range of radiant gold jewelry, in white, yellow, or rose, which promise a splendid choice for this inaugural milestone.  

Year 55: Alexandrite 

Regarded as a stone that brings luck, alexandrite jewelry stands out as an ideal present to honor the joy of this special anniversary.

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Year 60: Diamond  

Symbolizing enduring strength, this gemstone celebrates sixty years of matrimony. For such a milestone, the gift may lovingly pass from spouse to the hands of children or grandchildren.

How To Choose An Anniversary Ring 

When selecting an anniversary ring, consider if it should echo the style of your existing wedding set. Some prefer matching the precious metal, while others prefer it to contrast mixed metals. If your wedding band is plain, a stone embellished anniversary band could be a striking counterpart. Popular choices include eternity bands, adorned with diamonds or gems that wrap around the finger, or a band that features a diamond accent for each year of union, like five for the fifth anniversary.

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