Aquamarine Engagment Ring : All You Need to Know

Aquamarine Engagment Ring : All You Need to Know

Persons whose birthdays fall in March can be proud to be associated with the Aquamarine gemstone. The March birthstone is a crystal that comes in a pretty light blue or cyan color. The gem is beautiful to behold and its appearance leaves a soothing feeling on anyone viewing it.

This article provides you with everything you need to know about the Aquamarine birthstone. Take a plunge and enjoy!

History and Folklore of Aquamarine

We're not so sure if the name for this birthstone was derived from the fact that it was widely used as a charm for good things while at sea. But we do know that the word 'Aquamarine' is derived from the Latin translation of 'seawater'.

In history, seamen, fishermen and voyagers took aquamarine with them to the sea or ocean for many reasons. One reason was for protection, Aquamarine was widely believed to prevent marine mishaps such as shipwrecks and drowning. It was also believed to ward off wild animals encountered in the ocean and to also prevent sicknesses associated with staying over water for long.

At night sailors and fishermen would put Aquamarine crystals under their pillow to promote restful sleep and ward off evil spirits that torment the night.

Meaning of Aquamarine, the March Birthstone

Today, divers and mariners have adopted the historical use of aquamarine for protection while at sea. They wear the gem as amulets to not only bring them back to land safely but to also grant them success in all their endeavors.

Aquamarine is believed to grant sound sleep and a relaxed mind, as well as clear beclouded minds and emotions. People born in March are therefore less likely to be confused or overwhelmed. Aquamarine is also a gem that improves personal power, confidence and the ability to express one's self better.

The birthstone is the gem for self discovery. Therefore, those born in March are generally good at recognizing their own faults and that of others. They are quick to make corrections and help bring out the best in other people.

Characteristics of Aquamarine


Aquamarine along with other birthstones like emeralds, morganite and heliodor are classed as members of the beryl family. Pure beryls are naturally clear but the deposit of impurities such as iron and other metals give each colored beryl its distinct hue.

Aquamarines are anything from very light blue or cyan to deep blue green.


The durability and hardness of colored beryls largely depend on the nature of the impurities that color them. Luckily, Aquamarine is relatively hard with variations from 7.5 to 8.0 on the Moh's scale.


Aquamarine is preferred based on its shade of blue. While some people have a flare for light shades of Aquamarine, the deeper shades of blue are most widely preferred and therefore costlier. Aquamarine is a gem known to possess excellent traits of clarity and transparency. This therefore makes it a highly priced gemstone among other birthstones.

Aquamarine's Use for Jewelry

Aquamarine is becoming more and more famous for its use as jewelry. Its color and sparkle stands out better when fitted in metals like gold or silver. But even so, a pendant bearing a tiny aquamarine gem will make anyone noticeable from far away, especially when worn on dull colored or plain wears.

Aquamarines serve well for engagement rings. It is perfect for anyone who wants something not so plain like diamond, and yet do not fancy too bright colors.

Though the emerald shape is the most widely used cut for aquamarines, oval, teardrop and pearl shaped cuts are probably the most beautiful to behold cuts.

Caring for Aquamarine

The trick to preserving the color and texture of Aquamarine is to protect it from sun and heat. Exposure to sunlight can make the stone's color fade away while heat makes it less resistant to cracks and scratches.


Whether you believe in the mystical powers of aquamarine or not, the truth remains that wearing the May birthstone will make a good fashion statement. So whether you truly believe in the luck Aquamarine bestows on May borns and its wearers, or you're just a fellow who fancies to have Aquamarine as a member of your jewelry collection, we do hope that you've found everything you need to know about this beautiful gem in this article.

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