All about Quartz,Best Quartz Engagement Rings for 2021

All about Quartz,Best Quartz Engagement Rings for 2021

Quartz is a word that is typically used as a general word for describing a wide range of crystallized compact silica. Quartz minerals are some of the world’s most abundant minerals. They are divided into two subcategories, which are Crypto-Microcrystalline or Macrocrystalline Quartz. To make it easier to choose the perfect engagement or wedding Quartz ring, here’s a shortlist of the most popular quartz minerals.

1. Amethyst

One of the world’s most popular Quartz is Amethyst, and this is understandable. There is a beautiful and unmistakable shade of violet displayed by this beautiful gemstone. With a Mohs hardness of 7, this is a relatively durable ring.

What is most impressive about this quartz gem is it is decently priced, and value doesn’t increase as carat size increases. Moreover, if your loved one’s birth date is in February, this is the birthstone of that month, which makes it a perfect birthday gift.



    Aventurine is one of the green-colored Quartz varieties, and it is a quite special stone. The natural shimmer of Aventurine due to the presence of Chrome is what differentiates the gem from other green Quartz.

    Aventurine, like most Quartz is a durable stone charting at 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The opaque stone is a self-shined stone that is highly affordable and makes for a great engagement or wedding ring gemstone choice.

    3. Blue Quartz

    Blue Quartz is another variety of Quartz that is quite fragile and porous and rarely used as a gemstone. This Quartz comes in different blue hue varieties, such as light-grayish to a dark navy blue hue.

    The blue color of this Quartz comes from the many inclusions in it, which make it a delicate stone, even though it’s quite hard. Blue Quartz is one of the popular statement jewelry stones, however, if you do wear this for a wedding or engagement ring, you should handle it carefully as it can get damaged easily.

    4. Onyx

    The beautiful dark Quartz variety Onyx displays a layered appearance similar to what’s obtainable with agate. Onyx comes in a variety of black and grey and brown hues with white streaks or the more popular solid black color.

    To get the desired solid stone, naturally occurring onyx is typically banded and dyed. This beautiful Quartz and Schorl Tourmaline are often confused for one another due to their similar appearance and have even been accidentally sold under the name of the other. This is why when buying onyx for your engagement or wedding ring to have your gemstone inspected or verified authentic by a gemologist


    One of the green form of Quartz is Prasiolite, which is a stone quite rare to find in nature. Because it is quite rare, most Praisolite stones that are being sold in jewelry have been treated with Amethyst through irradiation or heat. Though there is a green shade of hue found in large Prasiolite cuts, there is less saturation with the smaller cuts with a colorless appearance. Though rare, Prasiolite isn’t very popular among gem collectors and is relatively cheap. For brides and grooms on a budget looking for a beautifully delicate stone, Prasiolite is a great option.

    6. Chrysoprase

    The uniqueness of Chrysoprase is what is responsible for its popularity. Because of the high levels of nickel inside it, it has a neon green/green apple hue. Of all the cryptocrystalline Quartz family, Chrysoprase is the most valuable and the rarest, and that is understandable. While Chrysoprase is available in both opaque and translucent varieties, the latter is the most desired and more valuable of the two.

    7. Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz is a stunning Quartz variety that exhibits different shades of pink. Larger cuts have more intense hues, while smaller cuts are less saturated. There are inclusions in rose quartz, which makes it form many popular shapes, one being a star shape similar to an Asterix shape. Rose Quartz is typically translucent, but some cuts have a cloudy appearance. Rose Quartz is not like its close relative, Pink Quartz, when it comes to light sensitivity, as it does not lose its coloring on exposure. This is the best ring for a bride or groom who wants a unique but delicate stone for their engagement or wedding ring or even for celebrating their wedding anniversary as it has been used traditionally for commemorating milestones.


    8.Black Rutilated Quartz

    Black rutilated quartz is a natural crystal containing the inner inclusions of different kinds of needle-like ore. These different arrangement and combination of hair needle-like minerals are distributed in the interior of the crystal. The whole looks like the crystal contains hair, so it is named black rutilated quartz.

    Black Rutilated Quartz a powerful stone for depression or any kind of life trauma. Helps you accept challenges as it opens new ways to live. Inspires you to leave or remove anything that no longer serves you. This sacred stone dissolves negative energies. The stone that never lets you miss a chance! As it offers a clear state of mind in which you will be able to analyze 's a perfect main stone choice as an engagement rings.


    9. Smoky Quartz

    And last on our list is smoky quartz, which is another great form of quartz that adds a mysterious and brooding feel to your engagement or wedding jewelry. The varying degrees of colors in Smoky Quartz come from the presence of aluminum inside, which sometimes gives it an attractive yellow undertone. The color of this beautiful stone range from dark grey to black, with varying transparencies from completely transparent to opaque. Smoky Quartz, like most Quartz is durable and makes a great engagement or wedding band for people looking for a dark-colored stone on their jewelry.

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