Your Complete Guide to the Peridot Engagement Ring

Your Complete Guide to the Peridot Engagement Ring

Peridot is a unique, precious gemstone with a vivid hue that only a few stones can compare to. This fascinating birthstone for the month of August has a long storied history and has been cherished for centuries not just for its stunning appearance but also because of the meaning behind it. Read on to understand better what makes Peridot stand out as an engagement ring stone.

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What is Peridot?

Peridot is the visually striking translucent olivine stone that displays of mix of gorgeous glowing olive green tones. Peridot’s color composition is derived from the chemical composition of the stone, as against allochromatic stones, which get their color from the impurities in them. Peridot’s chemical composition includes iron and magnesium being that it is formed in basalts, a volcanic formation rich in iron and magnesium. Its beautiful yellowish-green color is also due to the iron present.

History of Peridot

Peridot is formed deep within the earth’s mantle under intense heat, pressure, and fusion of different minerals and is brought to the earth’s surface after several million years of volcanic and tectonic activity.

Peridot’s history dates back more than 4000 years. In ancient times, peridot was valued for its unique color and mystical powers. Due to the peridot’s radiant green colors similar to the glow of the sun, the Egyptians called it the “gem of the sun”. They believed peridot could keep negative energy away using the sun’s energy.

The ancient Romans considered this gem a symbol of purity and elegance. They used it in jewelry worn only on important occasions. In the medieval era, the Peridot was adored and adorned by royals, as they believed it had protective powers against evil spirits and jealousy.

Is peridot good for engagement rings?

Peridot is quite durable as it has a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It also has a moderate amount of captivating sparkle and sheen. In conclusion, peridot is a fantastic gemstone to consider for an engagement ring. With its unique beauty, durability, affordability, and versatility, it's a great choice for those who want something special and meaningful

Peridot is associated with strength and balance, it is believed to bring peace, health and rest - by harmonizing the mind and body. It is also thought to boost creativity and improve your mood

Due to the proliferation of low-quality peridot stones in the market, the gemstone has never been fully recognized or appreciated, which is a real shame since a natural peridot engagement ring is so beautiful, you would cherish it for many years to come.

Peridot is found all around the world from Australia to Brazil, the U.S., South Africa, China, Burma, and a host of other countries.

Peridot Enhancements

Peridots have been known to be enhanced using oils, wax, and resin. Other hard substances have also been used to fill in spaces of cracks within the stone to improve its overall appearance. While these enhancements can still give rise to a stone that is quite stable, such stones need to be carefully used as cleaning with chemicals can damage the stone. If you want a stone of the highest quality for your engagement ring, you want to get a peridot that is natural and unenhanced.

Caring for Peridot Engagement Ring

Natural peridot does not need any special care but if it has been enhanced, then it needs to be cared for beyond the usual cleaning. Like most rings that are worn daily, you should remove your ring before entering chlorinated water and store the ring separately in a box or compartment made of soft material where other pieces of jewelry cannot scratch it.

Tips for Shopping Peridot

The most valued peridot is the deep lily green variety, while those with less value are those with light olive colors or brownish-green flashes. The most desirable peridot gemstones are those that have been custom-cut or have been cut to display the color of the stone and its brilliance. Also, stones that have little to no blemishes are the most desirable types of peridot gems.

When you shop for a peridot diamond ring, ensure the diamonds have been certified and a certificate from a reputable laboratory is provided.  Since the market has been flooded with poor quality peridot gemstones, you would do well to have your stone accessed by an independent jeweler for the stone’s quality and its cut. Most jewelers today offer a guarantee on the stones they sell. Some provide a minimum 30-day refund policy just in case you are not happy with your stone’s quality after an independent assessment.

Remember, with Peridot, if you go extremely cheap on it, you may get something that is low quality. Take the time to shop around and find something that not only matches your budget but is still of the best quality of what a natural peridot engagement ring looks like. 

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