A Complete Guide To Buying Moss Agate Engagement Ring

A Complete Guide To Buying Moss Agate Engagement Ring

The 2021 Colored gemstone engagement rings have steadily become more popular among brides-to-be, not only for their vibrant colors but also their unique flair. One of our favorites? Moss Agate Engagement Rings. An agate's light-green hue makes it instantly eye-catching, and it pairs beautifully with different types of metals, stones, and settings

Moss agate as stone studs for rings is in fashion, and why not? It not only highlights the personality of your significant other but is capable of removing all the negative forces around. Regardless of what kind of gemstone ring you are shopping for, you will always get value for money with moss agate rings. You will discover in this guide all there is about Moss Agate engagement rings.

What is Moss Agate?

Moss Agate, also called “Mocha stone” or “Mocca Stone”, which are names derived from the Yemeni city of Mocha, is a stone that belongs to the Agate family. a kind of agate, naturally formed texture is like floating water grass in rivers and ponds, graceful and winding.However, it can also be composed of silicon dioxide. The stone also comes under a variety of chalcedony, a Quartz ore.

Moss Agates have become popular in making moss agate engagement rings.2021 moss agate rings are popular on jewelry sites and handmade platforms like Etsy and Penfine.As a form of chalcedony, it includes green color minerals within it, which gives rise to filaments and other suggestive patterns of moss. Beautiful kite and hexagon-shaped moss agate rings are made with these stunning geometric patterns.

Moss Agate falls below 7.0 on the Mohs scale, which makes it quite delicate. Smudging by burning cedar or pine can cleanse and purify the spiritual energies of the stone. When cleaning the stone, avoid using caustic or harsh chemicals as these can erode minerals within the inclusions, affecting the color of the stone.

There are no organic compounds in Moss Agate, and it is generally formed from weathered volcanic rocks. Its color is mainly due to chrome, iron, and other forms of impurities. Metal valence or oxidation can cause the colors to transform.

What’s so Special About Moss Agates Meaning?

For many years, Moss Agate has been believed to provide prosperity as well as benefits in the agricultural sector in promoting healthy crop growth. Moss Agates is loved by designers and jewelers for engagement rings as it is a stone that represents new beginnings. Moreover, Moss Agate in a jewelry is believed to create new friendships and attract love.

Moss agates can act as a body shield during stress as its stable energies and powers can help people feeling destabilized and ungrounded. The stone has the ability to help in recovery from illness or any kind of addiction.

Moss Agate Value 

moss agate is not only jewelry, the best moss agate is a collection of artistic value, natural jade due to different geographical conditions, the formation of different quality, the internal landscape of unsurpassed moss agate is priceless. Large pieces of aquatic agate are rare and valuable. In the market, agate, a natural water plant with color, is also highly ornamental and rare.

The 4Cs of Agate

1. Agate Color

Agate comes in a variety of colors like yellow, red, orange, blue, gray, and rainbow and varieties, which are a combination of colors, where all colors can be combined in one rock or separately layered in rows. Whatever color you choose depends on your preference.

2. Agate Cut

Agate comes in many different shapes, such as round, square, pear, and emerald. Expertly cut agate enhances the natural bands of the stone. A Moss Agate stone cut should be one that fits the jewelry it’s being made for, to ensure its color and appearance are fully visible.

3. Agate Clarity

One other thing you should consider when shopping for a Moss Agate ring is clarity. The most valuable Moss Agate are those that have no noticeable inclusions. Ensure there are no cracks or scratches on your stone and that it is eye clean. However, some Moss Agate varieties have inclusions that boost the value. Moss agates with inclusions are typically more expensive and are highly coveted due to their unique nature.

4. Agate Carat

Agate is sliced and polished to form gemstones with different carats from rough Agate. The best Moss Agates used for rings and other forms of jewelry is between 2 to 4 carats, while ornamental items are made using sizes above 4 carats. Moss Agates are calculated per carat as agates are sold by weight. Stones of similar sizes vary majorly in value, so it’s crucial that you know what variety you are buying.

How to Cleanse Moss Agate

It is fairly easy to clean Moss Agates s only a soft bristle brush with warm and soapy water is enough. Most standard gemstone cleaning kits come with these materials. After cleaning, any excess soap or moisture can be wiped off using a polishing cloth or microfiber cloth. You should store the stone safely in a felt-lined jewelry box where it will not be scratched or chipped. Also, they should not be kept together with other minerals and stones as Moss Agate is extremely vulnerable to chipping and damage when brought in contact with other stones and minerals.

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